How to make a jailhouse costume?

Jailbirds have long been popular costumes. You have jailhouse gorillas, people, and even pet costumes that you can choose from. Of course for our purposes we will just be discussing a jailhouse costume for you. There are two choices. You can either be in an orange jumpsuit or black and white striped suit. The modern jumpsuit is orange, but many movies from the past as well as those during the earlier years of jails where striped.

##What will you need?##

* Black shoes

* Black and white jump suit

* Black and white hat

* Ball and chain


Step 1: The main part of the costume is the black and white striped jumpsuit. The stripes are on the costume in a horizontal pattern. The suit will also be fairly loose around your body to make it more comfortable.

Step 2: The hat is the same material and pattern as the jumpsuit and imperative to your costume. The hat should be a beanie style. This means it is completely round.

Step 3: The shoes you wear can be almost anything, but black typically fits the costume better than a neon colored shoe, plus most of the time in jail there is just a tennis shoe to wear.

Step 4: The last part of the costume will be the ball and chain. You can pick this accessory up in any toy or costume shop. The ball and chain should be around the ankle. It is meant to make walking hard. You can always carry the ball when you walk around, instead of dragging it. It will be light.

To make the costume warmer you might want the jumpsuit to be a couple sizes too big. This way you can wear regular clothing underneath without the need for a jacket.

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