How to make a Jafar costume?

Jafar is the ultimate bad guy when you think about Disney movies. Sure you have witches and evil sorcerers, but in most Disney films the bad person is a woman. If you want to be the worst bad guy from a Disney film this year, but don’t want to buy a costume Jafar just might be perfect. We have materials and instructions listed below to help you make your costume.

##Things you will need:##

* Black robe

* Red sash

* Black cape, with red lining

* Red and black hat

* Red scarf


First before we begin on the instructions you must note that all items need to have an Arabian bent as that is where Aladdin is set. Jafar is the Grand Vizier or sorcerer making his outfit evil in appearance. The red and black hat should be fashioned from cloth if you have it available to get it in the appropriate shape. Typically the hat is a turban with a red scarf like material hanging around the neck and sides of the face. You can find how to create a turban online with step by step instructions if needed.

Step 1: The main part of the costume is a robe styled garment with red sleeves and the rest will be black. You can make the robe from scratch or die one you might have in the appropriate colours.

Step 2: A red sash should be placed around the waist to hold the robe closed.

Step 3: To complete the costume you need a red and black caped. The cape should have high shoulder wings and ride low on the throat, but any cape that is black outside and red inside will suffice if that is what you have available.

The shoes should be typical of the Arabian times if you can find or make them.

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