How to Make a Jack Sparrow Costume

Ever since the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie many children and adults have wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow. We will offer things that you will need as well as instructions on how to create the legendary character for those who don’t wish to buy a costume.

## Things You Will Need: ##

* Pirate hat

* Goatee

* Wig with dreads

* Pirate shirt

* Vest

* Knee length riders jacket

* Knit pants

* Red scarf

* Saber– fake

* Fake gun

* Boots

* Earring

* Jewelry

## Instructions: ##

Step 1: the clothing is the simplest part of the costume as you can either make it from material, buy the pieces you need, or rob your own closest for the clothing to make a Jack Sparrow costume. We have listed the pieces of the costume above and you can always refer to the movie for ideas.

Step 2: In this section you need to add the accessory clothing. This would be the vest, the red scarf around the waist, and the jacket. The jacket is a knee length coat. Most often they are considered short dusters for riding. These jackets can be bought or made from material.

Step 3: this is the weapons section. Jack always had a pistol with one bullet and at least his sword. You can always add a couple of knives to the costume as well. Daggers were used quite frequently with his character.

Step 4: the wig and goatee. Jack Sparrow has dread locks for hair and the same for his goatee. These items will have to be bought unless you have your own hair that you can change into the dreads. Makeup should be added around the eyes for the dark circles.

Step 5: In this step you are going to need to add the jewelery. Jack Sparrow had a ring on almost every finger along with an earring.

Step 6: Since Jack is a pirate you might want to add a pieces of eight or other treasure to your costume that you carry around.

Step 7: The boots will need to be something that is fairly similar to the pirate era, but if you don’t have that style you can always use the cowboy boots or something that is comfortable to walk in.

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