How to make a Human Centipede costume

The first “Human Centipede” film was already disgusting. However, “The Human Centipede 2” promises to be the “feel bad”, toss-your-cookies gross-out fest of the Halloween horror season. While the first film strung together only (Pssht! “Only”!) three people, the new film boasts a freaky fiend who puts ELEVEN people end-to-end. Depending on how many friends are in your group or how ambitious you may want to get, you can go with two, three, or more friends for your DIY “Human Centipede” costume. (You can even go it solo by using inflatable blow-up dolls as your Centipede-mates.) It’s a fun, unique and easy DIY costume that doesn’t involve actual surgery or someone pooping into your mouth! Hurray for that!!

##What You’ll Need##

* White tank top, beater, or tube top

* Bandages

* White boxer shorts

* Large white bedsheet, torn into long strips

* Stitch makeup

* OPTIONAL: Blow up doll (male, female, or both)

* OPTIONAL: Fake blood or brown cream makeup for stains.

* OPTIONAL: Knee pads

##Putting together your Human Centipede costume##

Step 1: Each person who is part of the Human Centipede should put on either a white tank top, beater, or tube top.

Step 2: Wrap some additional ACE bandages or gauze around your white top to enhance the surgical wrappings look.

Step 3: Each person in the “Centipede” should put on a pair of white boxer shorts. Try to tuck the short legs of the shorts up even further, or roll/bunch them so they look more diaper-like and surgical. (OPTIONAL: Depending on how comfortable you are with your friends being in such close proximity to your tookus, you may want to stuff the back of your boxers with foam so there’s no actual contact.)

Step 4: Apply Stitch Makeup and prosthetic stitches to the side of each of your faces. One string of stitches (and/or blood) extending from each corner of the mouth towards the ear. Even from the side, these will be easily visible.

Step 5: Use fake blood to add any gruesome bloodstains or “seepage” you may want to make from your cuts or on your clean, white, bandage top. OPTIONAL: For a real gross-out factor, use some Brown Cream Makeup on the back of your white boxer shorts. Eeeewww!)

Step 6: After slicing your white bedsheet into long, bandage-like strips, get down on all fours and wind the sheet around your waist, criss-crossing it and then using it (like reigns) to tie around the chest/upper body of the person behind you. Tie another strip to the ends before the second person loops the sheet around their waist and ties it to the upper body of the third person… And so on and so-forth.

Step 7: OPTIONAL: If you’re going this solo, have a friend help you do Step 6 above to two (or more) blow up dolls for this costume.

Step 8: Practice crawling in tandem. You may want to use some knee pads to avoid rug burn or any undue stress on your joints. Happy Centipeding! (Hey, it beats planking!)

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