How to make a hippie costume?

Hippies are not completely out of fashion and if you wish to be one for Halloween it can be easier than you think to create your costume. Most individuals who lived through the 70’s are still going to have some of their Hippie clothing. You might be able to look through your parents or grandparents old things to find the items you need. Otherwise some of the pants and shirts are back in stores. You can probably find the items you need at your local second hand shop or even in your own closet.

## Things You Will Need: ##

* Bell bottom pants

* Tie die shirt

* Head band- leather or handkerchief style

* Love beads

* Mood ring

* Boots

* Face paint

## Instructions: ##

Not all Hippies wore the tie die shirts, but for the most part it is a Hippie costume staple. You can either create your own tie die shirt in your washing machine or purchase one at a store. If you want a less groovy look you can always have a plain tee shirt with the peace sign or other peace sayings painted on the shirt.

The bell bottom pants can be corduroy, jeans, or even a knit material. It is up to you and the choice in costume. For a more formal look polyester might be needed.

The next stage in creating the Hippie costume is adding the accessories. Most wore some type of head band with the peace sign or hair ornaments to complete the groovy look. By looking at pictures online you should be able to find the style of head band you would like to model.

Mood rings and love beads were also part of the accessories that are very important to the costume. You will definitely want to have some of these accessories. Discount jewelery stores probably have some fake pieces that you can get for cheap if your family doesn’t have any. Other options are friendship bracelets made out of embroidery thread.

Boots such as cowboy boots were very popular back then for the Hippie costume. You can always find a good pair used or perhaps you already have a pair.

Lastly when creating the costume many protestors would have the peace sign painted on their face or as a tattoo on their body. By using the face paint you can create these for yourself.

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