How to make a High School Musical costume?

High School Musical has swept the teenage scene, perhaps even more than anyone would have thought. Young adults in the US are completely fascinated with the three movies and the new Broadway show that will be launched. This year if you or your child wants to have a high school musical costume you have a couple to choose from. You have Gabriella, her friends, and the entire basketball team. We are going to concentrate on Gabriella for this article though.

##Things You Need:##

* Red formal dress

* Red dress shoes

* Headset/ microphone combination

* Black wig


Step 1: The dress is the main part of the costume. The dress should be something formal like you would wear to a prom. It will need to be beautiful. It can be knee or ankle length depending on your preferences. It should also be a simple line rather than something complex. You may elect to have straps or sleeves as well.

Step 2: The next part of the costume will be the shoes. They will need to match whatever dress you pick out. They can be high heel or no heel shoes. Again it is all in your preference for the costume.

Step 3: The hair should be next. If you don’t have long black hair that is rather wavy you will need to purchase a wig. The wig will offer the right hair style for the costume.

Step 4: This last step is just adding the headset or microphone to use to simulate the music career Gabriella has in high school. She is part of a duo.

To make the costume even better you may elect to have a CD that will play the music while you are gathering treats during Halloween.

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