How to make a Hermione costume?

Hermione is one of the three characters from the Harry Potter series. Instead of purchasing a costume this year for your party or Halloween you could make one. We have steps below on how to create a Hermione costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Knee length gray skirt

* Gray sleeveless sweater

* White long sleeve dress shirt

* Knee high black socks

* Black dress shoes

* Black robe

* Computer

* Hogwarts logo


Step 1: The main outfit is normally hidden under the robe. This means you can elect to have anything on under the robe if you wish. However, to make this an authentic Hermoine costume we have chosen to give instructions on the full costume. To start you will need a short gray skirt and dress shirt. Over the dress shirt you will need a gray sleeveless sweater vest. It should have a v-neck. To complete this part knee high socks and dress shoes need to be worn.

Step 2: The robe is the most important part of the costume. With the robe it needs to be black. Most graduating robes that you can find in a second hand store will suffice. They can be fit to the length needed which is just above the ankles. To make it a Hogwarts robe you need to have the logo sewn or pasted onto the front. By using the internet you should be able to find the appropriate logo needed.

There are other accessories you can add to the costume to make it more Hermione. She normally has books with her, a wand, and in some cases a red and yellow scarf. Hermione also has messy brown hair and buck teeth as well. These additional items can help gain the full Hermione affect.

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