How to make a Hellboy costume?

Hellboy is a hero in the comic books, with a bit of an attitude and a bent for Baby Ruth candy bars. If you want to be Hellboy for Halloween or a party this year, but don’t want to purchase a cost them you have come to the right section. In this section we offer items you need as well as instructions for how to make a Hellboy costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Red face paint

* Red body suit or sweat suit

* Cardboard and red paint

* Black shirt and jeans

* Trench coat

* Black boots

* Devil Horns

* Thick red glove


Step 1: Hellboy is completely red from head to foot. You have two options in how to create the costume. You can have a red body suit with long sleeves to give your body the red look or you can use body paint on the face, neck, chest, and arms to get the red look. It is often easier to just find a body suit or sweatshirt top with long sleeves for the red skin you need.

Step 2: Over the red suit you need a tight fitting black tee shirt and black jeans. This part of the costume is completed with heavy black boots and a trench coat over the costume. You should also have a black belt with some hardware on it. Hellboy normally had a detection device so the company could find him and a couple of other little extra tools. His main weapon is his right arm though.

Step 3: The right Arm! The right arm of Hellboy is large and very strong. It can basically crush brick and monsters. It is also a key to opening the portal where he came from. To create your own arm you will need red paint, a thick red glove and cardboard. The cardboard will make the upper portion of the arm. To still have a hand the thick glove will offer you the larger appearance than your other hand. You other hand should have a slim red glove to cover it. The cardboard needs to be shaped in a roundish formation mirroring the arm in the movie or comic.

Step 4: The last pieces to the Hellboy costume will be the tail and the horns. The Hellboy costume has two filed horns in the center of the forehead. These horns should be red. Hellboy also has hair on his jaw line going around the ears to the back. The top of the head is rather bald, with a long black ponytail twisted into a Japanese style bun at the back. This can help give the image of the Hellboy costume. Lastly the tail, Hellboy has a devil tail with a pitchfork type end. It is essential to have the tail showing under the trench coat. You can secure it on the back of the jeans and let it hang down between the trench coat for the perfect costume.

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