How to make a Hairspray costume?

Hairspray is set in the 50’s, which means any of the costumes you choose will need to be based on the dress of those times. The main character in Hairspray is Tracy Turnblad. We have chosen to offer you a description for a how to below. You will find all information you need to get the costume made with your own hands.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* A yellow and black checker skirt

* White blouse

* White Keds

* Fifties wig


The costume of Tracy Turnblad is quite simple. She is after all a teenager trying to fit in with the dancing crowd. So the first thing you will need to make or find will be the fifties wig. The hair was in a simple style that you may even be able to do without the wig. Your hair should be brown and cut just below the shoulders. Then using a curling iron the sides of the hair should be winged out rather than curled under. The bangs will be short. To get the volume on the hair you will need hairspray to lift the hair up to be the right length and height.

Once the hair has been perfected you can tie a matching ribbon to the skirt or a blue ribbon in your hair. Then with a 50’s style white blouse, which has a laid down collar with bow on the front and the skirt you will be almost ready. The skirt is going to be just about knee height in a plaid style with pleats on the front.

The last piece to add to the costume is the shoes. The shoes should be white Keds or something very similar. They need to be flat shoes with shoelaces on the front. You can also wear panty hose to make the costume warmer if you wish.

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