How to make a Grinch costume?

If you’re having trouble grabbing onto the holiday spirit you might need to step into your Grinch shoes and get a bit of Christmas spirit back. As we all know, the Grinch had a very small heart that grew and grew until he understood the spirit of Christmas. The Grinch makes one of the most fun costumes for Christmas parties or plays. We have a list of materials and instructions on how to create a Grinch costume.

Materials Needed:

Green fake-fur fabric (look for old bedspreads or comforters at thrift stores and secondhand shops.) Neon or fluorescent colors are fine.

White leggings and a tight-fitting long-sleeve white t-shirt OR white thermal underwear pants and shirt (the ribbed kind is fine; in fact, the fabric may stick to it better when it is glued on)

White ballet-type slippers

Fabric glue

Green theatrical face make-up; yellow theatrical face-make-up; black eyebrow pencil

Optional Santa suit and hat

Optional accessories (stuffed dog with fake antlers, “ìSanta pack”¬ù, or other “ìGrinchy”¬ù things)


1.Cut the green fake-fur fabric into squares or strips and glue them all over the leggings and t-shirt or thermal underwear set. Fluff the fur up if necessary.

2.Use the rest of the green fake-fur material to cover the ballet slippers.

3.Liberally spread the green theatrical make-up over your face, taking care not to get it in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Leave about a 1″¬ù area all around your eyes uncovered. Use the black eyebrow pencil to lengthen your natural brows towards the center of your forehead so it will look like you’re frowning. Add a few “_ìwrinkles”¬ù (closely-spaced parenthesis marks) around your mouth, under your eyes, and on your neck.

4.Use the yellow theatrical make-up around your eyes to complete the look.

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