How to make a Green Hornet costume

This classic ’30s superhero is slated to make a comeback this year when comedian Seth Rogen steps into the role in the new “Green Hornet” movie, due in theatres December 2010. Get a jump on the competition and start planning your costume now. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and still fully mobile and function enough to dropkick the bad guys!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Domino mask in green

* Green fedora

* Black velvet ribbon (from a craft store)

* Dark green suit

* Black trenchcoat or dark green trenchcoat OR

* Tan trench coat and a box of green RIT Dye

* Green vest

* Green pants

* White button down shirt

* Green tie

* Black dress shoes

* Black leather or fake leather gloves

* Toy pistol

##Putting together your Green Hornet costume##

Step 1: Pick up a Domino mask in green. This is the signature costume prop of the Green Hornet. Put that bad boy on and the rest will just come naturally!

Step 2: Pick up a green fedora. Chances are, the green fedora will likely be a St. Patrick’s Day prop and very bright. To take that brightness down, you can paint it with a coat of dark, forest green spraypaint, or leave it as is and replace a white band around the brim with a black velvet ribbon. (You can pick up this trim very cheaply at a local craft store.) Just adhere it in place with a dab of glue and you’re less leprechaun and more Hornet.

Step 3: Head to a local thrift store or discount men’s store and pick up a pair of dark green pants and vest.

Step 4: A green vest can also be found at a costume store, particularly around St. Patrick’s Day. Ditto for a Green tie.

Step 5: Suit up with your pants, vest, and white shirt with the green tie and then swing on a trench coat. While green is the preferred color for Green Hornet costume, wearing a black trench is totally forgiveable! Or, if you have an old cheap (I wouldn’t recommend this with an expensive, vintage trench!) trench coat in tan, dye it with a dark shade of RIT dye following the instructions on the package.

Step 6: Put on a pair of black dress shoes with your dapper ensemble.

Step 7: Slide on a pair of black leather gloves and grab a toy pistol and you’re ready to find a Kato-esque sidekick to chauffer you around and help you fight crime!

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