How to make a Grease T-Bird costume?

Grease ever since the movie first came out has been extremely popular. If you do not want to go to the expense of purchasing a costume you do have the option of creating the costume from things around your home. Below we have listed the items you will need as well as instructions for how to make the costume.

###Things You’ll Need:

– Black leather jacket (biker jacket)

– Black jeans

– Black tee shirt

– Black shoes

– White socks

Fifties wig


Step 1: The costume is fairly simple and you probably have most of what you need right in your home. The black jeans should be tight along with the black tee shirt. The tee shirt sleeves should be rolled up. Most greasers at the time would keep a cigarette back rolled up in one sleeve. You might want to add a fake pack to the costume if you feel the jacket will be off most of the night.

Step 2: The leather jacket should be black leather in a fairly simple style. If you have a leather biker jacket or something close to that you can use it. On the back either paint or tape the T-birds sign. If the jacket is scrap then painting the logo won’t be a problem. If it is something you want to keep them make sure to use something that won’t damage it to create the logo.

Step 3: The hair is always important. The hair should be in the 50’s style. You can either shape your own or purchase a wig depending on your hair cut. A comb will be an accessory needed as the T-birds constantly primped to impress the girls.

Step 4: A black leather belt will complete the costume along with the black shoes and white socks. The jeans were typically rolled up or a little short in the movie so that the socks could be seen. They are essential to the overall appearance.

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