How to make a Granny Christmas costume?

Granny is a costume for any time of the year. You can use the Granny from Red Riding Hood or even your own Granny as the root of your costume. If you are need a little spin on the granny idea you might consider a Christmas costume. Granny Christmas comes to you from “_ìGrandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”¬ù The song came to us from some southern writers of country. There is also an animated film based on the song. Granny is no longer going to be dressed in a long nightgown, with long sleeves, and a cotton sleeping hat. Instead Granny Christmas will be half elf.

##Materials Needed:##

* Green fabric

* Red and white stripped stockings

* Elf shoes with bells

* Red jingle bell collar

* Rounded glasses.


Step 1: The costume Granny Christmas will be wearing is more like an elf costume. The green fabric should be used to make a tunic with a green skirt. You can find a pattern to help you get the costume made.

Step 2: The stockings can either be knee socks or actual hose. It is up to you and your choice of skirt.

Step 3: The shoes need to be pointy toes with bells on the top. In fact the shoes need to curl up.

Step 4: The collar is an optional accessory. It can add to the theme, but could also be changed into two bracelets instead of a collar.

Step 5: The rounded glasses make the costume a Granny style. The glasses will be reading glasses, and be rather small.

Step 6: The last of the green fabric should be used to make a hat in Elf style again.

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