How to make a Gomez Addams costume?

Gomez Addams has been a popular costume throughout the years. He is perhaps less popular than Morticia and cousin It, but nonetheless if you have decided to create your own costume this year, Gomez will do the trick.

## Things You Will Need: ##

* Purple suit with black stripes

* Black dress shoes

* Cigar

* Moustache and beard

* Red stripped tie

* Black dress shirt

## Instructions: ##

Gomez is always seen in the same suit with a cigar in his hand. So in the first step you will need to find the appropriate style suit. The suit can be made from scratch or you can adapt a black suit in your possession to look as if it is a purple suit. It is up to your budget and how much you want to spend on the entire costume.

The suit should fit loosely, but well. In other words it shouldn’t be too tight. Under the suit jacket is a black dress shirt with collar. The tie needs to be red with stripes to complete the Gomez look.

The dress shoes will complete the rest of the costume. The shoes should be shinned and comfortable for the night.

The physical changes you need to make will come last. You can use hair products to get the pasted Gomez look with a part in the middle of your hair. Then you can add the fake moustache and chin fuzz. You can also add thick black brows to complete the costume.

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