How to make a gipsy costume?

A gypsy costume can come from almost anything you might already have in your closet, especially if you have older dresses. It is well known that gypsies are a nomadic people, most particularly the Romani. They gypsy people are considered fortune tellers as well. We have a few options below for how to dress as a gypsy. It may surprise you that many of the styles of clothing sold today are patterned after the Renaissance or peasant styles of the past.

##Things You Need:##

* Peasant blouse

* Bustier

* Fringe shawl

* Peasant skirt

* Boots

* Jewelry


Step 1: The first step is finding or making the peasant blouse if you don’t already have one. The blouse can be long or short sleeve. Typically it will have an off the shoulder look with ties in the front, but not necessarily. Over the blouse you will need the bustier that can be black or brown. It is up to you. The bustier can be part of a dress also. You other option is to have a skirt that will match the color of the bustier. The skirt is a simple A line that can have lace on the bottom or a ruffled appearance.

Step 2: Now that you have the main part of the costume you can add your accessories. The first accessory will be the fringe shawl. The shawl can be at the waist in a triangle shape along the leg or around the shoulder. The shawl typically goes down one leg rather than being like an apron to add more style.

Step 3: The boots you choose are important. You can have heels, but more importantly the boots should be practical in style.

Step 4: Most Hollywood gypsies are going to have a lot of jewelry on their hands, around their necks and in their hair. It is up to you if you wish to have many pieces or a few tasteful decorations.

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