How to make a German costume?

Typically we all have a thought as to what a German costume will look like. We have been pre-programmed by television, movies, and other media as to what Germans wear. Of course the costumes do come from history making them delightful. There are two types of typical German costumes; the lederhosen and the dirndl. In this article we will describe how to make the lederhosen for a German costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Knee length cloth shorts

* Suspenders

* White short sleeve dress shirt

* Knee high socks, white

* Clogs or leather boots

* Red bowtie

* Cloth hat


Step 1: Lederhosen are a type of pants that Germans wore. Therefore cloth shorts with four buttons on the front will work best. There should be no zippers on your shorts. You should also not have pockets. You may wish to make these shorts. They are fairly simple in design. The shorts should be brown in color.

Step 2: The shirt will need to be a dress shirt in white. You can elect to have a pattern embroidered in the shirt reminiscent of Germany or just a plain shirt will do.

Step 3: On the pants you will need suspenders. You can choose the design on the suspenders, but it should match German culture, and mostly be brown suspenders.

Step 4: The socks and shoes are next for the costume. The socks just need to be below the knees and the shoes should really be clogs if you have them.

Lastly you should add the hat. The hat will be a cloth type to match the lederhosen. Think of Robin Hood when making the hat. It is typically in a conical shape with a feather in the hat. If you wish you can also have a red or other color bowtie around your neck. It is unnecessary though if you have ties.

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