How to make a Geriatric Barbie costume

50 isn’t really all that old… But wouldn’t it be fun to see Barbie as a Grandma? In honor of Barbie hitting The Big 5-0, dress up as a geriatric Barbie for a funny, yet surprisingly still glamourous costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long grey wig

* Old lady makeup


* Elmer’s glue

* Liquid foundation makeup

* Makeup sponge

* Brown eyeshadow

* Pink blush

* Hot pink lipstick

* Pink dress

* Walker or walker cane

* Pink spraypaint

* Orthopedic shoes (or white sneakers*

* Fishnet stockings in your color of choice

* Pink “old lady” purse

* OPTIONAL: Colostomy bag

* Water and red food coloring

##Putting together your Geriatric Barbie costume##

Step 1: Find a nice, long grey wig. Make sure it’s shiny and healthy. Barbie may have gone grey, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of her lustrous locks!

Step 2: Pick up an Old lady makeup kit to give your skin an aged look.

Step 3: If you can’t find one and aren’t allergic, you can use a thin coating of Elmer’s glue on your forehead, cheeks, upper lip (not too close to the nose) and chin. Allow the Elmer’s glue to dry and “scrunch” your face up to give a crinkly, wrinkled effect to the newly-dried glue. Once your “glue” has dried, stiple on some liquid foundation in a color to match your skin tone. This will allow the “glue” to look more realistic instead of “flakey” and white.

Also, add some light brown eyeshadow to the area beneath your eyes to give an older, baggier effect to your eyes.

Step 4: Whether you use the prosthetic old lady makeup or your own homemade version with glue, you will need to add your own Barbie-style makeup. Put on some mascara,eyeliner, pink blush, pink or blue eyeshadow, and bright pink lipstick. Make sure to get that “old lady look” with your lipstick by allowing it to escape into the crevases on your upper lip. You can gently “flick” your lipliner or lipstick upward for some of these subtle “lines.”

Step 5: Put on a pink dress.

Step 6: Grab a pair of fishnet stockings in any color of your choice, preferably a pastel to compliment your dress. Roll them down slightly below the knee in the way a lot of old ladies do.

Step 7: Pick up a colostomy bag from a drug store. For a comedic effect, add “pink water” to the bag by adding a tiny bit of red food coloring to the water for a pastel look. Barbie even pees pink, baby!

Step 8: You can also purchase a walker or a walker cane at drug stores. Some even come in fun, funky colors. If not, you can spraypaint a plain walker cane pink to match your costume.

Step 9: Put on your favorite pair of orthopedic shoes and away you go!

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