How to make a Geisha Girl costume?

From the above section you learned that a Geisha Girl is a Japanese prostitute, not to be confused with the Geisha; however, the costumes that they both wear of very similar. Below you will see a list of things you need as well as instructions for creating a Geisha costume. We understand that sometimes you don’t want to purchase a costume, but make one yourself.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* – Japanese Style Dress (a Kimono)

* – Black wig

* – Face paint

* – Fan

* – Slipper shoes (black)


Step 1: The Geisha Girl dress is a kimono style dress. The material should be silk with Japanese patterns such as flowers, dragons, or other things you might have seen before. The top portion of the outfit will be loose fitting with large bell sleeves that come to a bit of a point. The skirt is a little tighter than the kimono top. Around the middle of the dress will be a sash with a bow in the back.

Step 2: The hair is another essential portion of the Geisha Girl Costume. Most of the Geisha Girl pictures show either straight black hair with chopsticks. The other style is the bun. The black wig can be found with the Japanese style bun on the top of the head with ornaments hanging from it. Normally jewelry, chopsticks, or other hair ornaments.

Step 3: The Geisha Girls took their costume from the Geisha to look respectable; therefore the costume will also need to have the white face paint. The face and neck is covered completely in white. Then on top of the white a person can have dark colours for the eye shadow as well as bright red lips.

Step 4: Once the face paint is complete you can continue with the accessories. The accessories will be a fan and sometimes a parasol. The fan is normally kept in the sash of the costume and taken out as a flirtation device. The shoes should be slipper style in black.

Make sure the costume you design will be comfortable and warm enough if you will be walking outside during the Halloween season. You don’t want to get cold, so some adjustments can be made like warmer shoes or clothes under the costume.

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