How to make a geisha costume

A Geisha is from the Japanese Culture. Their costumes are always elaborate for an elegant appearance. There are several items you need for the costume to be complete which we have listed below. We have also offered instructions on how to create your Geisha costume.

##What will you need?##

* Japanese style dress

* Black wig in a Japanese bun style

* White face paint

* Red lipstick

* Fan

* Parasol


Step 1: The first step is finding the right dress. The Japanese used a lot of silk in their clothing, especially back in history. Your Geisha dress needs to be silk. It should also have a pattern to it like flowers or having a dragon on the front that has been embroidered on the material. You can find these silk dresses in several stores. There are usually two layers to the costume. The shift portion will be less form fitting and show only at the bottom. Around the shift is the upper layer. This is another silk piece adding the extra large bell sleeves. This robe portion of the dress will be tied with a belt, also silk.

Step 2: The next part to the Geisha is the makeup. To offer the elegant look it was thought that women needed to have porcelain skin. To offer this appearance the woman had to wear white face paint. The face and neck should be covered with the paint. The lips should be covered in red lipstick. The eyes will need a dark blue or purple eye shadow, with black eyeliner accentuating the eyes.

Step 3: The accessories to the costume are also imperative. The next step is the hair. If you have long black hair you can create the Japanese hair style from a magazine or online tutorial. Chopsticks are often used to keep the hair in place. Otherwise you can purchase a wig that is already in the Geisha style.

Step 4: In this step you just need to grab your fan and parasol. The parasol was either carried in front of them with the fan in their belt or open to hide their complexion from the sun. The fan was always used to cool them down or to flirt. The fan and parasol should have a Japanese style.

The shoes are up to you. They should be covered by the dress. To make the costume complete slipper style shoes with no heels are the best choice. A Geisha will also walk slowly, as if they have had their feet bound. So take small steps to make the overall costume a success.

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