How to make a frosty costume?

What would Christmas be without a Frosty the Snowman to light up children’s lives? This year if you need a costume for a Christmas or holiday party you might consider Frosty. Frosty brings cheer and mirth to any holiday gathering. You can be as elaborate with your Frosty costume as you would like to be. It is a way to take adults back to their childhood and recreate some of their better Frosty creations. Of course with this Frosty the materials will be a little different than snow.

##Materials Needed:##

* Wire rings

* Snow blanket ( it is not a fabric, but craft option)

* Top hat

* Brightly colored scarf

* Pipe

* Black boots

* Face makeup

* Buttons

* Orange construction paper

* Florist wire


Step 1: You need to start by assembling the rings. You will need to have three sizes of rings in order to make the Frosty shape. The rings need to be attached to each other with a rope or wire. This will help make the costume a one piece option. Then the snow blanket material will need to be added. If should curve around the rings and be attached with needle and thread. The snow blanket is actually found in a different place in the craft store. It is meant for Christmas villages, but it does offer a more sparkly appearance than just a white fabric. You still have a lot of work though, because you need the material to be in a ball like shape all the way around. You can use florist wire to get the ball like shape.

Step 2: Now that you have the frosty body you need to start dressing him up. On the front of the costume you need several black buttons. They should be rather large. You can sew them on with little difficulty.

Step 3: The head of your Frosty will be your face and head. You will want to have white fabric to cover your hair and ears, but leave the face exposed. The face will be painted with white stage makeup. Then on the checks you need cherry red. Your lips should be black to symbolize the button mouth. You can either use black stage makeup or black eye shadow around the eyes.

Step 4: The construction paper will make the carrot nose to be attached with string.

Step 5: Then all you need is to wrap the scarf around your neck, place the top hat on your head, and put the pipe in your mouth. You will be ready to go. (you might want to put your shoes on before the actual Frosty costume to avoid issues.)

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