How to make a frog costume?

Frogs can be useful for several reasons when looking for a costume. You have costume parties and plenty of other holidays in which you might find a frog useful. For example we recently had a Frog Prince costume idea for Valentine’s Day. For a simple frog there are a few steps to take, which we offer below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Green fabric

* Sewing machine

* Pattern (optional)

* Yellow fabric

* Pink fabric


Step 1: You can create the frog without a pattern if you are handy with sewing. The frog costume we have in mind will really be a suit to cover your body, with frog style hands and feet. To begin you will need to make the frog legs. The legs should be completely green, and can be styled in pant like fashion.

Step 2: The feet will be separate from the legs to fit over your shoes. In fact you may wish for Velcro to help them stay in place. The feet can be drawn on the pattern and then cut out. Make sure you cut the shape a bit large to help hem the fabric and then attach the Velcro.

Step 3: The top of the frog will start with the green material. It should be most like a sweat shirt, with long sleeves, and a turtle neck. The fabric should be a bit loose on the body, as the pants will be. On the front of the shirt a round yellow belly will need to be sewn. To the ends of the sleeves you will want frog hands, which can be made like gloves. By attaching them to the sleeves you can still allow for removal, but they will not be lost.

Step 4: The last section is the head. You will use your own head for the most part. You will need a hood. The hood will be made from green fabric also. It should tie around the neck. If you make the hood correctly you can create a frog mouth with pink fabric, and just leave enough space between the head for the eyes to see.

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