How to make a Freddy Krueger Elm Street Victim costume

With Freddy Krueger’s disfigured mug splashed across the screen of every cineplex across America, Nightmare on Elm St costumes are bound to be popular choices from now until Halloween. Set yourself apart from the pack of Freddies and allow yourself to play the victim to Elm Street’s biggest baddie. A great choice for a couple’s costume, this simple DIY Elm Street Victim costume is easy to make and can be as gory as you please!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Fake blood

* Freddy Krueger glove

* Wadded up newspaper

* Thick gauge sewing needle

* Thread

* Old clothes OR

* Orange prison jumpsuit costume

* White t-shirt

##Putting together your Freddy Krueger Elm Street Victim costume##

Step 1: Pick out some old clothes you don’t care about, or an orange prison jumpsuit costume to re-enact one of Freddy’s greatest kills — from both the old movie and the newest Nightmare.

Step 2: Wear a white t-shirt underneath your outfit so that the blood and gore show up with a nice contrast.

Step 3: Pick up a Freddy Krueger glove with plastic, bladed fingers. Next, you’re going to stuff it full of wadded up newspaper so that it can stand up at attention on its own without flopping over.

Step 3: Take some very strong plastic thread and a needle thick enough to pass through the latex of the Freddy Krueger prop glove. Find a spot in the middle of the white t-shirt you will be wearing beneath your costume or shirt that you think the glove will look best “popping” out of.

Step 4: Reinforce the stitches as you sew the glove’s edges to your t-shirt, making it look like the glove is protruding from the middle of your chest. Go over the stitches a few times so that they do not come loose. As you sew, add some more newspaper to the inside of the glove to make sure it won’t fall flat.

Step 5: Slip on your shirt and the remainder of your costume.

Step 6: Now comes the fun part! Add a ton of blood to the front of your white t-shirt. Make sure it’s good and saturated, looking like you’ve just been eviscerated on the spot by Freddy. For a realistic look, make sure the blood is darker at the center as it spreads outward and use some black cream makeup if you want as a base for a deeper color before applying gobs of red blood. Don’t forget to add some fake “blood” to your mouth, too!

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