How to make a Frankenstein costume

Frankenstein was actually the doctor who created the monster we typically call Frankenstein. We have seen many renditions of the Frankenstein monster with green skin and bolts through the neck of the creature. It is up to you as the costume designer to choose how closely you would like to be to Mary Shelley’s version or the Hollywood makeup of the character. Below we have gone with the more traditional route.

## Things You’ll Need: ##

* Large Shoes

* Torn clothing

* Gray makeup

* Necklace that is like bolts

* Theatre makeup

## Instructions: ##

Step 1: Frankenstein’s monster is a man made up of stolen body parts in the book. To create a creature that was un-dead to live again arms, head, legs, and other features were sewn together. You can choose to create the scars on your body in a few different ways. You can make the clothing appear like skin with a nude body suit in which you stitch sutures or you can create the sutures out of theatre makeup. The sutures should be well placed for affect. Gray makeup works great on the face and other exposed skin to give it that deathly pallor.

Step 2: This step is going to be dressing your monster. If you have chosen the body suit that should be donned before the other clothing. Frankenstein’s monster was not well dressed. The clothing was torn and whatever could be found to fit the monsters appearance. Therefore, your clothing should be in tatters, but also fitting the period in which Frankenstein lived.

Step 3: In this step the accessories are going to be added. Most associated Frankenstein’s monster with bolts, which you can add by fashioning some type of necklace. The truth is there needed to be some way to get current into the body so metal is a good thing to add.

Step 4: The larger shoes will help give the appearance of a man pieced together. The individual was largely proportioned in the story because of the many pieces. Even the feet were rather large. It can add more affect to the costume as a whole.

The other monster to create would be the green monster. In this case the only thing to change would be the color of your skin. In the cartoons Frankenstein is always depicted as a green man with bolts running out of his neck.

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