How to make a Flo (Progressive Insurance Girl) costume

One of the most popular commercial characters lately is Flo, the upbeat, ironic, and perennially perky Progressive Insurance peddler. Her easy-going demeanor has spawned a number of mini-crushes on the cheerful clerk.

A great and easily identifiable costume idea (thanks to a spiffy “tricked-out name tag”), check out how you can make your own Flo costume:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Brown wig or Brown flip wig

* Scissors

* Blue hair band

* Hairspray

* White polo shirt

* White pants

* White apron

* White sneakers

* White cardboard or Posterboard

* Stencils

* Glue

* Blue and yellow markers

* Safety pins

* Black liquid eyeliner

* Red lipstick

##Putting together your Flo (Progressive Insurance Girl) costume##

Step 1: Get a brown wig in a shoulder length or flippy style. If you can’t find one, pick up any long brown wig and use scissors to cut it to shoulder length like Flo’s style and add sideswept bangs.

Step 2: Put the wig on and top it with a blue headband. Back comb underneath the part that lies behind the headband for a slightly teased look and hairspray it and your bangs in place.

Step 3: Put on a white polo shirt, white pants, and a white apron over them. You can easily find these clothing items if you don’t already have them, or just pick up a plain white cooking apron.

Step 4: Add a light line of liquid black eyeliner for a catlike efect that helps to widen Flo’s eyes on the commercial. Add some bright red lipstick for a very exhuberant look.

Step 5: Make your own pins, nametags and badges. Grab some white poster board and cut out two rectangles of equal size. (Approximately 2″ x 3.5″) Poke a safety pin through the back of one of the rectangles in the middle and fasten it with the pin part on the outside.

On the second rectangle, write “FLO” in blue Magic Marker. Add a long blue line going across the top and a shorter yellow line next to it (See photo). Glue the front of your nametag to the piece with the safety pin. Wait until it dries to pin it to your apron.

Step 6: You can repeat the process above with a circular pin that says “I heart Insurance” (See photo again for reference). Instead, cut two circles and write “I heart Insurance” on the front piece with Black and Red Magic Markers. Wait until the glue dries and pin it to the other side of your apron.

Step 7: Voila! Let the good times “Flo”!

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