How to make a flapper costume

Flappers were popular in the 1920’s therefore to make your own Flapper costume you will need some key pieces of material patterned after the 1920’s style. Making your own costume can be more rewarding than purchasing one, which is why we have instructions below to make your own Flapper costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* 1920’s dress pattern

* Black panty hose

* High heel shoes to match the dress

* Any material for the dress, blue, red, black, etc.

* Feather boa

* Hair band with feather

* Short hair or wig


Step 1: A flapper dress is going to be relatively shapeless. In fact you will have a slip of a dress that will hang to the knees. The dress should have ruffled layers to the knees; normally three or four ruffles. The material you choose is up to you. It can be silk, cotton, satin, or anything else. The dress should be sleeveless. The color of the material is also up to you. Flappers tended to be in black, red, or electric blue.

Step 2: The hair is very important. It was a time where women were asserting their independence. Gone was the long hair in a bun or hanging loose for the flapper. Instead short hair was often seen plastered to their heads with gel. Usually the hair was curled with a little curly cue on the forehead for the bangs. The hair could also be loose and short in a bowl cut. Some did have long hair, but again it was flashy and styled meticulously. The hair was also complete with either a hat or a headband with feather in the front.

Step 3: To complete the costume black panty hose and high heel shoes were always worn. The shoes would be spike heels offering long legs. The feather boa would be wrapped around the neck, so it is imperative that you don’t forget to add this to your costume.

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