How to make a firefighter costume?

The firefighter costume can vary. We will piece together the traditional firefighter costume for you below with instructions. The traditional firefighter costume is yellow, and a rather thick material to create the fire retardant on the outside.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* -Yellow pants

* -Yellow jacket

* -Black rubber boots

* -Yellow gloves

* -Yellow helmet


Step 1: Unless you can get a hold of an old uniform by borrowing one from a friend, you will have to create a makeshift look. By either buying yellow material or clothing. The jacket is the first piece we will discuss. On the pack of the jacket you need your name stenciled across the bottom. The jacket should have sleeves to the hands in order to protect the wrists completely. The jacket can be rain gear or anything else that is yellow.

Step 2: The pants will go on under the jacket. A traditional set of firefighting pants will have suspenders. You can add the red suspenders for the look if you wish. The pants should be to your feet covering your ankles. If you can find a thick stiff pants then that is best.

Step 3: The boots should be black with a yellow reflecting rim. Rubber boots work the best for this. The boots will be placed under the pants.

Step 4: The gloves should be rather thick and go under the sleeves of the jacket.

Step 5: The helmet can either be found in a toy store or you can try to find an old one through a friend. The helmet should have a persons name attached to the back. It should also have a plastic visor.

By following these steps you will be able to create a pretty accurate depiction of a firefighter for your next costume party.

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