How to make a Finding Nemo Costume?

Nemo is a little Clownfish with a bad right fin. He has been endearing to children since his creation in 2003. If you want to design your own clownfish costume rather than purchase a ready made we have some ideas below for you.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Orange sweat suit

* White material

* Black material

* Orange material

* Orange shoes


You could create your own fish costume from scratch including head, tail, and fins. In our method we are taking things you might have on hand or can find at a discount to create a costume. This costume will pattern a clownfish with fins, but uses the body as the costume design.

Step 1: You will take the orange sweat suit and add the white and black stripes. The white is going to be larger with a black outline. These should be placed correctly on the sweat suit according to the clownfish pattern. Viewing the movie, going online, or looking at a real clownfish for a little bit can help you design the stripes correctly.

Step 2: Out of the orange, white and black material you need to make one faulty right fin and one good fin. These can be sewn on just below the arms at the sides on the sweat suit. You can also make your arms the fins if you wish and have gloves created as the fins.

Step 3: Taking the rest of the material you will need a back fin. At this stage you can also create the shoes or the tail fin. By using orange shoes you don’t need to cover them, but if you can’t find orange shoes you can create the tail pattern on the shoes and cover them with the material.

Step 4: Lastly you need to create the head of the fish. You can choose to use your own head and eyes with appropriate paint or you can create a head out of material. Your hair should at least be covered by material.

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