How to make a Dumbledore costume

Dumbledore is the most magnificent wizard of all time in the Harry Potter books and movies. He is the wizard Lord Voldemort fears. So your costume should be something for a great and powerful wizard. We have items that closely resemble the costume from the movie to help you create the best Dumbledore costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Gray robes

* Long white beard and hair

* Wand

* Slipper style shoes (brown leather)


Step 1: The largest part of the Dumbledore costume is going to be the white beard and hair. This will take the most of your time. So make sure you get these two items from a costume store. The hair can be a full wig that goes to your waist. The beard will be just as long and have a pointed tip of hair at the bottom. In other words it slims down the longer it gets. The costume beards work well because you can either place the band over your head or use adhesive tape that comes on the beard to fix it to your skin.

Step 2: Wizard robes are going to make the Dumbledore look. They need to be a gray color with long sleeves and flowing appearance. Grim Reaper robes or something you design yourself should work just fine for this part of the costume. The robes are not form fitting.

Step 3: The shoes should be slipper style or brown leather boots. It just depends on what you have on hand and what you want to wear. Technically the robes should be long enough to make the shoes irrelevant.

Step 4: The wand is essential. You may want to have a stick from your backyard or something you pick up in the store. To create your own using your own wood is the most rewarding.

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