How to make a domino girl costume?

This is a great costume for one person or if you have a group of people. There is nothing better than to have a whole family make up a set of dominoes for your next costume party or Halloween fun. To make the domino you will need some materials and instructions, which can be found below.

##What you will need:##

* Cardboard

* Black spray paint

* Construction paper

* Black leotard

* Black tights

* Black shoes

* Stage makeup

* Black gloves

* Black elastic


Step 1: Fashioning the domino is going to be the main part of the costume. You need to find a cardboard box that will fit you. This way you can cut out a head area. However, since a domino is on the thin side you will need to make your domino on the thin side. This may mean that the actual costume has a front and back with cardboard, so that it creates flaps rather than a box. Once the cardboard has been cut you need to attach the elastic to keep the flaps closed. Then you can go ahead and spray paint the entire outfit black. While the paint is drying, cut out circles from the white construction paper. The number of circles is up to you. You also need to cut a white line out of construction paper.

Step 2: Dress in the leotard and tights before putting on the domino.

Step 3: You should also put on your shoes and makeup before the cardboard domino. The makeup is just to cover your face with black paint. Everything on a domino is black, but the dots and white stripe. If you have blond or light colored hair you might want a stocking cap. Then put your gloves on and you are ready to go.

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