How to make a doctor costume?

Doctors are a lot like nurses in their costume, but you can certainly add a little more to the costume. We have instructions on how to create your doctor costume from items you might have at home or can purchase in any discount store.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Green Scrubs

* White mouth and nose guard

* White tennis shoes

* Scalpel

* Stethoscope


Step 1: The first part of a doctor‘s costume is the scrubs. The scrubs will need to be green and have long sleeves. You can find scrubs in any discount store like Wal- Mart or in a second hand store. The scrubs will be rather baggy on you. The shirt should also have one pocket.

Step 2: In this step you will have the doctor’s nose and mouth guard on your mouth or hanging from your neck. This is an essential part of surgery so you should have the mask with you, whether it is in place or not.

Step 3: Doctors can wear any comfortable shoe. Normally we see white shoes, but any tennis shoe will be comfortable. When in surgery the shoes need to be covered with the white protective booties. Those can also be found in stores or created by you.

Step 4: This is the accessory stage. A scalpel or other fake surgical tools might be in order. You might also have a stethoscope hanging around your neck. If you are not in surgery yet having a clipboard with a chart on it can also add to the effect of the costume.

With a doctor’s costume you have plenty of choices from wearing regular clothing and a lab coat to being in surgical scrubs. It is up to you in what you chose, but hopefully these instructions will help. You can also add more to under the costume for a warmer costume on a cold night.

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