How to make a devil costume

The Devil has been a costume choice for decades. Everyone wants to feel a little thrill from being bad. This year if you want to make your costume rather than purchase one, you will want to keep reading. We have steps for making the perfect devil costume below.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Red cape

* Red pant suit

* Horns

* Pitch fork

* Red high heels


While the devil is normally depicted as a male in the stories and history that doesn’t mean a women can’t enjoy the devilish side of things. We are going to create a sexy devil costume that is both warm and fun.

Step 1: You will need to search the stores or create your own pant suit. The pant suit should be very red and very tight. You will want to have long sleeves on the suit as well. Most of the pant suits will already have the v- neck and ability to offer curves for the sexy costume.

Step 2: You will need to make yourself a red cape. The cape should be ankle length and tie around your neck. The material you choose is up to you. Silk or Satin are two good choices.

Step 3: The shoes need to be red and high heels. It doesn’t matter what style they are from a pump, stiletto, or even if they have some design to the shoe print as long as the shoe matches the pant suit or cape.

Step 4: In this step you are adding the final touches. The horns can be made or found for cheap. They should sit on top of the head offering the perfect devil look. The pitchfork should also be red. If you want some times the devil is depicted with a tail. You can make a pitchfork tail to sew on to the pant suit.

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