How to make a demon tail?

Any good demon costume has a tail, but if you are making your costume from scratch, how do you make a demon costume tail? Thanks to @Geekydad you will now know what to do:

###what you need:###

– Printed object.

– Foam batting.

– Fake fur or other fabric.

– Matching thread.

– Needle.

– Craft glue (hot glue may work.)

– Pins (safety or otherwise.)


1. Print two copies of the .stl and glue them together. (Size it as large as you can fit on your build platform for best results.)

2. If needed prime and paint red or black.

3. Roll batting of desired length into a tube of desired thickness.

4. Measure circumference of batting and cut a strip of fur or other material. Be sure to leave a little extra room for stitches and seams.

5. Sew fur tube inside out then pull it rightside out.

6. Pull batting through tube.

7. Stitch the printed horns in place on the batting and glue the fur over the top.

8. Pin tail to back of costume.


Follow step 1 and 2 above then find someone who can sew.

3. Bribe them to help you finish with promises of really neat 3D prints or Halloween candy (whichever’s better leverage.)

We’ll also suggest to replace the fur with a red material if you are looking to match a red demon costume.

Shoot to to thanks Geekydad!


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