How to make a Dementor costume?

Dementors are characters from the Harry Potter books and movies. They are evil creatures who will suck the happiness from you. If you wish to be evil for Halloween this year or just for a costume party you can’t do better than the Dementor. There are instructions and a list of what you will need to become a Dementor.

##Items You’ll Need:##

* Black or gray robes or dress

* Mask

* Gloves


The first thing about dementors is that they don’t really have any body or face. The hands that they show in the movie are skeletal. So the items you need will be based on this skeletal look.

Step 1: The first step is finding the appropriate costume or material. The Dementors are in long flowing robes. These robes are generally gray black in the movie. For your costume you need robes that cover the feet, almost to the point of tripping you. They should be formless robes as well with long sleeves covering the hands for the most part. To create your own robes you will need a lot of material, so if you have or can find grim reaper style robes use these. The robe will need a hood that covers the face completely.

Step 2: To make the hands skeletal you can either design your own gloves or find gloves that will offer a skeletal look to the hands. The gloves should be a gray material if at all possible.

Step 3: This is the final step. You can elect to use a mask or face paint to create the non-existent face of the dementor. Basically you want people to be able to peer under the hood of your costume to see nothing, but darkness and your eyes.

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