How to make a Day Man Costume (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

The season finale of FX’s comedy hit, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” featured a rock opera centered around two recurring character creations, the good guy Day Man and the dark Night Man. In this rock opera, Day Man defeats Night Man and becomes “a master of karate and friendship… for everyone!” You, too can master karate and friendship with this simple costume idea!:

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Grey spandex jumpsuit or unitard

* (OPTIONAL) Grey longsleeved rashguard

* Scissors

* Lace cuffs

* Black shoes

* Pink blush

* Jockstrap in either black or red

* OPTIONAL Red spraypaint

##Putting together your Day Man Costume##

Step 1: Pick up a grey unitard from a sporting good store. If you can’t find one in mens’ sizes, an extra large female size may work, too. Also, if you can’t find one with long sleeves, you may want to pick up a longsleeved rashguard in a matching color to give you a similar look.

Step 2: Chances are, your unitard won’t have the frills at the end if its sleeves that Day Man has. You may want to purchase lace cuffs for that effect.

Step 3: If your unitard doesn’t zip down the front, take a pair of scissors and slice it down the front to mid-chest level.

Step 4: Purchase a jockstrap in either black or red and pull it on over your unitard. If you can’t find one in black or red, you can paint or dye a white one a different color, or add a shiny red codpiece to the front!

Step 5: Put on a dusting of pink blush on your cheeks for a dewy, Day Man finish!

Step 6: Get on your black dancin’ shoes and get ready to become the fighter of the Night Man… Aaaah-aaah!

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