How to make a Dasher Reindeer costume?

Dasher as his name sounds will be light and quick on his feet. Dasher can also be a bit of a dashing reindeer with plenty of style. This year if you have a group of friends, or just want to go in couples costumes Dasher the Reindeer may be what you need. We have materials and instructions below to help you make the best costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Black gloves

* Black shoes

* Red collar with bells

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* Antlers

* Makeup


1. For Dasher you can’t just choose any brown material. Remember Dasher can either mean quick of speed or dashing as in well dressed and handsome. To set Dasher apart from other Reindeer you might consider the more dashing look with top of the line brown fabric such as faux fur. Once you have the fabric use the pattern to create the suit. The suit should be a decent fit to add to that dashing form, rather than deer like. Remember the tail on the back to complete the body of the costume.

2. After the body is made you need to concentrate on the face. You will need to use black makeup to paint your nose. You may also take brown makeup to darken your skin a little to match a reindeer.

3. The antlers should be on a headband with ears to place them on your head. You can also use brown fabric to cover your ears and hair for a warmer costume depending on your needs.

4. Add the black gloves and shoes and you are almost done.

5. The collar should have jingle bells and have a place for Dasher’s name, so you can jingle your way to the party and be recognized.

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