How to make a Darth Vader costume?

Darth Vader is an evil character from Star Wars that makes a pretty popular costume during Halloween and costume parties. If this year you would like to be an evil being, but don’t want to buy a premade costume you can create your own. We have steps below how you can take materials in your home to get a Darth Vader costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black pant suit

* Old black sheet or black material

* Black shoes

* Mask

* Light saber

* Black gloves


You have a couple of options when it comes to making your own costumes. You can use everything around the house or you can get a few things on the list to make the costume more authentic. For example the Light Saber could be made out of cardboard and paint or you can purchase a light saber from any toy store, discount store, or costume store.

To begin we will look to the main part of the costume. The costume starts off as completely black from head to toe. So you will need to find a pant suit, sweat suit, or even something similar. It should be loose fitting, but also offer enough definition of power and muscle.

Once you have the main body of the costume you can start to add the accessories. The accessories such as the shoes should be black. Any type of shoe that is comfortable to walk in will work. Typically boots like combat style works the best, but when you don’t have those at home anything will do. You should also have black gloves.

The next part of the costume will be the cape. The cape will need to be black. You can take an old sheet and die it black or if you have a black sheet just use that. You will need to cut it to proper length just above the ankles and have a way to secure it.

The last piece of the costume is perhaps the most important. The mask is probably something you will want to purchase. It should be the right kind, but if you are handy with scissors you could take cloth material in black to make a fake mask rather than plastic. By following these steps you should be able to get most of the costume out of materials you have in the house.

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