How to make a Dark Knight costume?

Batman costumes are always popular with children and this year we have something else to choose from in the Batman range. The Dark Knight, which hit theatres earlier in July 2008 adds a new darkness to the character of Batman. If you or your child wishes to be the Dark Knight, but you don’t want to buy one you are in the right place. Below are instructions for how to create your own.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black pant suit

* Black arm bands

* Black batman mask

* Black cape

* Black boots or shoes

* Gold batman utility belt

* Chest armor (cardboard)


Step 1: To begin a Dark Knight costume you will need a black pant suit with long sleeves. This can be created from a sweat shirt and sweat pants or any other black set that you have or can find in a store.

Step 2: The next step is making the pant suit into a Dark Knight costume. In this step you will need to create the chest armor. You can either buy the chest armor or make it out of cardboard or another stiff material. The chest plate should have the batman logo on the front. If you use cardboard you can paint chest and abdominal muscles on the board.

Step 3: To further accessorize the costume you will need to black arm bands that reach just past the elbows. You can make this out of material. The arm bands will also need to have three black pieces, which are in the movie sharp weapons, sewn on.

Step 4: To finish the main part of the costume a gold utility belt with the Dark Knight’s symbol should be around the waist. You can buy these in any toy or costume store. You can also make one out of gold material with a black bat on the front.

Step 5: In this step you will need a mask. The mask can be made by you, but make sure it covers most of the face. In fact the chin and mouth should be the only thing not covered. The top of the mask will need the bat ears rising above the head.

Step 6: The shoes you choose should be black knee high boots; however if you don’t have anything like this you can spray paint snow boots or wear black shoes.

**Step 7: ** This is the final step of creating a Dark Knight costume. The cape can be bought or made. You will want the cape to tie around the neck and be just below the knees.

By following these steps you should have a pretty great Dark Knight costume made with items you have at home or made yourself.

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