How to make a Damien (The Omen) and Nanny Couples’ Costume

Stumped for a creepy couples’ costume? Tired of Munsters and Addams Family duos? Burnt out on Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein costumes? Sure, you still want to show your love for fiends on film, but you want something that no one else might think of. Well then, this idea is “for you, Damien! It’s all for YOU!”

Try going as The Omen’s favorite Satanic son, Damien Thorn, and his noosed-out nanny! Just follow this handy-dandy guide and you’ll be ready to impress party guests in no time!

##Things You’ll Need##

For your Damien (Omen costume)

1. White Button Down Shirt

2. Tie

3. Suit jacket and pants

4. White or red contact lenses

5. jeff cap or newsboy cap

6. Eyeliner pencil

7. Clip in horns (OPTIONAL)

For your Nanny costume

1. Grey longsleeved dress

2. white collar and bowtie

3. black tights

4. Oxford shoe (just wear one and carry the other!)

4. Rope or fake noose

##Putting together your Damien costume##

Step 1: Put on your suit, shirt, and tie.

Step 2: Take your eyeliner pencil and write a tiny “666” cluster near the side of your eye. In the film, “The Omen,” Damien had it in his hairline, but that’s too much trouble.

Step 3: Put on your jeff cap or newsboy cap. Optional, you can clip in some devil horns or glue them to your hat for a truly “devilish” look!

Step 4: To prevent your outfit from looking too much like AC/DC’s Angus Young, put in some eerie white or red contact lenses. Get ready to party and bend others to your will!

##Putting together your Nanny costume##

Step 1: Get dressed up in your grey dress. If it doesn’t have a starched white collar and black bowtie for a traditional au pair look, no problem!

Step 2: Put on a collar and bowtie over your dress.

Step 3: Grab a rope or a pre-made toy noose and drape it around your neck. You can try tilting your head at an odd angle for a photo op with your Damien date!

Step 4: Put on a pair of black tights and one oxford (or other “sensible” nanny-ish shoe) and carry the other or hide it in your purse, a homage to the infamous “one shoe off, one shoe on” shot from “The Omen.”

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