How to make a Curious George costume?

Curious George is a popular book for children. If you wish to have a child and adult couple’s costume Curious George and characters may work well for you. You have Curious George who is a simple monkey. See our ideas for monkey costumes in our how to section. In this area we are going to look at the Man in the Yellow hat for a Curious George costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Yellow trench coat

* Yellow pants

* White dress shirt

* Yellow hat

* Yellow umbrella


1. The first thing you want to acquire is the yellow hat. The yellow hat can be a top fedora style. Look at the children’s books to get an idea of the hat. If you can’t find a yellow hat you will have to make one. It also typically has a black ribbon on it.

2. After the hat the next step would be finding or making a yellow trench coat. The coat is simple to make with a pattern.

3. Yellow pants may be difficult to find, for dress pants. You can also make the pants from any materials you find at the fabric store.

4. The dress shirt is a typical white, and probably something you already have.

5. The yellow umbrella is just an accessory to carry if you have it. In many of the books the Man in the Yellow hat was carrying one.

If you don’t have a child’s costume, you may also elect to bring a stuffed monkey with you for the effect

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