How to make a Cupid Reindeer costume?

Cupid, Vixens love interest should be every bit as sexy as his partner. For Christmas if you need a couples costume then Cupid and Vixen will be one of the best choices you have. We have materials and instructions below to help you create the best costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Black gloves

* Black shoes

* Red fabric

* Bow and arrow

* Antlers

* Makeup

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* Jingle bell collar

* Fedora


1. The reindeer body is the easiest part of Cupid to create. You will use the pattern to form the body. Since this is supposed to be a sexy couple you may have a slim reindeer with sexy tail.

2. After the main costume is created you will need to cut a heart out of the red fabric and sew it on to the chest of Cupid. Cupid always wears his heart for all to see.

3. Before placing your gloves and shoes on you will need to paint your nose black.

4. On the top of your head you should have the antlers and fedora. You may want to glue the antlers to the hat.

5. The collar should be placed around the neck so you and Vixen can locate each other in a crowd. You can place your name on the collar, but it is not necessary.

5. The last item to add is the bow and arrow, so you can shoot your way to love.

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