How to make a cowboy costume?

Cowboys have been around for several years and they don’t seem to go out of style for the Halloween season. This year if you don’t wish to buy a costume you can make your own. How elaborate the costume is will depend on your budget.

[b]Things You’ll Need:[/b]

– Tight Jeans

– Leather or brown material

– Dress shirt

– Vest or material to make a vest

– Handkerchief

– [url=]Cowboy hat[/url]

– [url=]Fake gun[/url] and belt

– Cowboy boots


[b]Step 1:[/b] A cowboy always seems to have the tight jeans that are a little long on the body. You can of course buy or chose what is comfortable. Most of us have a pair of jeans in our closet which makes this costume a little easier to come up with. The dress shirt can be striped, patterned, or plain. White is a typical color for the dress shirt you see cowboys in.

[b]Step 2:[/b] It is really the accessories that make the costume. The cowboy boots are a must if you want a true costume. These can be found at second hand shops for a discount if you don’t already have some. The [b]cowboy hat[/b] is also another must. Again you can find used hats almost anywhere if you don’t have one already. Start looking during the summer if you want to be a cowboy this year because a lot of times you can find a hat at a garage sale.

[b]Step 3:[/b] If this is a child’s costume or you have children you probably have a fake gun along with the belt to go with it. These items can also be found in any toy shop or second hand shop to make the cost a little less.

[b]Step 4:[/b] The handkerchief is also a staple of [url=]cowboy costume[/url]. It can be used as a rag or a covering for the face. Many cowboys would wear the handkerchief around their mouths and noses while riding in a particularly dusty section.

[b]Step 5:[/b] This last step is optional. You can choose to have a leather or brown vest with chaps to compliment the costume. The chaps are easy to make as they are just covering for the jeans. Many cowboys where them to ride, but it is not necessary to make the full costume.

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