How to make a cow costume?

Cows are often used for costumes at parties and on certain holidays. It is not widely known why cows make one of the more popular costumes, but perhaps it is because you can construct cows in a couple of different ways. A lot of the time cow costumes make a great couple costume, where one is the bottom and the other the head of the cow. We have some materials and instructions listed below to help you create a single person cow costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* White fabric

* Black fabric

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Fake utter

* Bunting or cotton

* Black fake fur


Step 1: The pattern should be for a single cow costume and it will help you get the correct lengths of material, the cut outs needed, and help you sew the cow together.

Step 2: You can find two types of material when shopping. You can get a white with black spots or make the black spots yourself. It just depends on where you shop and what is readily available, as you can do it with both.

Step 3: The utter will need to be sewn on once the rest of the cow costume is complete.

Most of the costumes with have a hood with ears, and allow the face of the costume wearer to be the cow face. This makes it easier to don the costume. You will still want some Velcro to make the costume easier to get on. The bunting or cotton will offer extra padding to your costume in certain places and can be sewn in place. You may also want a little bunting in the tail to make it a bit stiff, with the black fake fur on the end.

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