How to make a corpse bride costume

The Corpse Bride has been a huge hit since the release of the Tim Burton film. If you would like to create your own version of the corpse bride you are going to need a few things to pull it off. We will also have instructions below to help you make the costume.

##What you need##

First you will need a black wig to give you long hair, about to the waist. The wig should have some white spread throughout. The dress will need to be black to the ankles with white strips of material. In fact to get the white you can add a white scarf to the mix of black scarves. You will also need a wedding veil and gray or white makeup to offer a pallor to your skin.


Step 1: The first part of creating the bride will be the dress. If you have a wedding dress you want to die black or grey that is fine. The dress should be form fitting on the upper body and turn to rags at the bottom. In other words it should give the appearance of something long worn.

Step 2: In this step you are adding the scarves. The scarves will add more to the ghostly appearance of the bride as well as the dress being in tatters. The veil should be long and offer a lot for the look of the corpse bride.

Step 3: The wig needs to be long in either a grey, or black and white look. A corpses hair continues to grow, which is why the wig should be long.

To complete the costume a pallor to your skin should be added for the hands and face. You may want to carry a bouquet of flowers that have been long dead or treated with black paint. The shoes will be your choice, preferably something with high heels though.

A lot of these items may be found in your own closet to create the Corpse Bride.

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