How to Make a Cocktail for New Year’s Eve

Time is almost running out for New Year’s Eve, but with this simple cocktail costume you do not have to worry. New Year’s Eve asks us to gather our imagination and find something different from the rest of the crowd. Sure, you could go as yourself to the party, but why not envision something a little more fun. The cocktail costume can be any type of drink from a Bloody Mary to a Cosmopolitan. What’s more you might have the materials you require right at home.


* Black Dress

* Black Dress Shoes

* Colored Fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing Thread

* Sewing Machine


Step 1: At this late date finding fabric online might be a little tough, so if you do not have some blue, red, or any other fabric lying around consider shopping at Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or Michaels for fabric. You could also recycle something you have at home like a pillow case if it is color fabric or an old dress you will never wear.

Step 2: Take the fabric you own or bought and get a cocktail glass pattern cut from it. The cocktail glass should have a wide top that is from shoulder to shoulder, where it narrows into a funnel shape in mid upper torso where the stem begins. The stem will make it to about the top of your thighs where the bottom of the glass should be created. The bottom should be narrower than the top or at least the same width.

Step 3: After the cocktail glass is formed and cut you can use minuscule stitches to attach it to the black dress. Use a dress you do not mind sewing into though. You might also need to pick up one for cheap if you do not have something you want to sew into.

Step 4: Lastly grab your favorite shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to head out for a night on the town as everyone’s favorite cocktail.

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