How to make a clown costume

A clown is all about individuality. There have been some clowns that never took off their face paint in public because that was there persona. Each clown needs to have an individual face and costume to be truly unique, which is why making your own can be a lot more fun. There are going to be a few things you need to get started though.

[b]What you need:[/b]

– Face Paint or [url=]Clown Paint[/url]

– A wig

– Large shoes

– Material for the costume

– A red nose is desired


[b]Step 1:[/b] Creating the Suit

Most clowns dress in ostentatious costumes. This means you need a costume of multiple colors. The costume does not have to be overly large it can be form fitting. The choice will be up to you. What you should concentrate on is choosing colours that speak volumes about your personality. The suit can be a dress or pants that are way too big.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The Makeup

The makeup is the most important part of the costume. The makeup is going to denote your expression. You can be sinister, happy, sad, silly, or any other emotion that you can think of. Again the face paint should denote something about the personality as a clown that you would like to be. Tear drops or diamonds around the eyes are often seen in the movies and on stage. The base of the face is going to be white paint and then you will color in the expression, and any other symbols you would like to have.

[b]Step 3:[/b] The Accessories

– In step three you are adding the final sections to the costume. You have your suit and makeup now you need to decide on the right color wig and whether you want the red nose or other clown tricks. The wig there again should be something relating to your costume and the personality of the clown. Multiple colors such as rainbow have been used for [url=]clown wigs[/url], but you can use long hair or short haired wigs that denote a crazy hair style and add ribbons or bows to complete the look.

– The red nose is a staple among clowns, but it is not necessary if you would rather be sophisticated rather than silly. You can have the French style appearance with the painted masks rather than face paint as well.

– The [url=]large shoes[/url] normally go with the silly clown so these are not required, but they could add considerable weight to the overall clownish appearance you are trying for. Usually in this case the shoes are ten sizes to big in appearance and flop when you walk.

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