How to make a Clone Wars costume?

Clone Wars is a new animated film by George Lucas that is bound to get a lot of Star Wars fans interested in new costumes for Halloween. If you don’t want to buy your costume this year, but would instead wish to create your own you’ve come to the right section. Below we will describe how to create an Anakin Skywalker costume from Clone Wars

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Lightsaber

* Brown knee high boots

* Blue and red tunic

* Brown leather belt

* Red pants (hose)

* Black wrist bands

* Black armor for shoulders and chest (cardboard)


Step 1: The main part of Anakin’s costume is the tunic and hose. The red pants can be sweat pants or any other slightly tight pants. For the tunic you will most likely have to find a red shirt with long sleeves that can act as a tunic style. To get the blue portion of the upper costume you can use either a blue and red shirt or find a long blue vest with no sleeves.

Step 2: The accessories will add to the costume. In this step you need a brown leather belt to cinch the tunic and vest at the waist. Then you need to add arm bands for protection. The bands will need to go up to the elbows.

Step 3: The boots should be brown and go to the knee, but if you can’t find any boots like this or don’t have any whatever shoe you can find will suffice.

Step 4: This is the final step in creating the costume. You can either find armor or make some out of cardboard. The armor should be on the shoulders and across the chest and back.

By adding a lightsaber in your hand or in the belt you will have the perfect Anakin Skywalker costume for Clone Wars this year. You can also by a mask if you wish or use your own face and hair for the costume.

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