How to make a cleopatra costume?

Cleopatra a queen in her own right during the Egyptians rule is a great costume for any woman. If you don’t wish to buy your costume this year you can make your own. We have steps below to help you make the perfect Cleopatra costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* White dress

* Gold belt

* Gold head piece

* Gold earrings and other gold jewellery

* Leather sandals


Step 1: The dress should be very simple in white. It will need to be form fitting around the upper torso and then flow from the skirt to the ankles. The dress should also be sleeveless with a rounded collar.

Step 2: The costume is all in the accessories really. So the first thing you will need is a gold belt to wrap around your waist. It can have a touch of turquoise if you wish. It can even hang down the side.

Step 3: The headdress is imperative. It should be gold. You have the option of a high head piece or choosing hair jewellery that hangs on down the forehead and black hair. If you don’t have black hair you will need a long black wig.

Step 4: To complete the outfit other gold jewellery in the ears and around the neck is appropriate. You may even add arm bands on the upper arm. These bands should be something the Egyptians may have worn, such as simple rings or even a snake or cat head on the end.

To finish the costume you will need leather sandals. The sandals to be traditional would need to wrap around the calve muscles, but if you can’t find them simple leather will do. You can also elect to have a staff of gold to carry with you for the Cleopatra costume.

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