How to Make a Celine Dion Costume

Celine Dion has had many different looks over her career. She has had short hair, long hair, and something in between. As a queen of music you might just find a costume based on her is what you want for your next costume or Halloween party. With the many looks she has had you will have to choose the one you want. There have been some sexy revealing outfits, stunning evening dresses, and pantsuits. For a how to with Celine Dion I have chosen a black dress, with shoulder length light brown hair.

##Materials Needed##

Black fabric

Black lace

Gold buttons

Black stockings


Black strap sandals



The materials you need can be found at or You will need a pattern for the dress.

Step 1: The dress is going to have no sleeves. The picture above gives you a good idea of what you are looking for. So the shoulders of the dress will be about two inches in width, coming down to a lace style bodice with buttons on the front.

Step 2: The skirt of the dress is slit in several places almost to the hips. It is very revealing of the legs. A good material to use for the dress would be a sheer fabric like silk.

Step 3: The back of the dress is not shown, but you can expect it to have a lattice style back.

Step 4: Now all you need is to find some appropriate stockings you don’t mind showing off. They should have some sort of pattern rather than being strictly black.

Step 5: The shoes should be sandals, perhaps high heeled sandals, definitely something with open toes.

Lastly just grab the microphone and perhaps your favorite Celine Dion songs. This will help give you the right look and sound. You may also need to get a wig for the shoulder length hair. You can always go with your own hair if you wish though.

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