How to make a camel costume?

Camels during Christmas are something we tend to think about. After all, the Wisemen arrived on camels to the birth of Jesus. If you are going to be in a pageant or just going to a Christmas party a Camel may fit your needs just fine. Below we have materials and instructions for how to create the Camel costume. Remember that with most costumes you can usually find a pattern when needed.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Tan fabric

* Bunting

* Sewing machine

* Pattern


Step 1: The camel body is the main part and probably going to take you the longest to create. You will start with the brown fabric and then cut out a rounded stomach section in the tan fabric to sew on the costume. The pattern will help you at each step.

Step 2: Part of the camel is having a head as well. The head of the camel should be on the pattern, but if not you can create a hood style head. It allows for your face to be the camel face, but adds ears to the look. If you want to be more involved you can use the tan fabric to create the muzzle of the camel to go on the head.

Step 3: The bunting is something we have added and may not be a part of the overall camel. Camels always have one or two humps. On the back of your costume you should have the camel hump or humps. To do this you need a little extra material on the back filled with the cotton bunting.

You can wear and shoes, and if you want the fabric can be heavy cotton or fleece for more warmth.

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