How to Make a Butterfly Costume

The Butterfly is an elegant creature. To make the costume can be a bit difficult if you are not great with a sewing machine, but for that you might just pick up the wings. Below we are going to assemble a simple butterfly for you.

Things You Will Need:

– Long Sleeve Leotard

– Black tights or panty hose

– Wire

– Colored material

– Pipe cleaners


[b]Step 1:[/b] The wings are the most important part of the butterfly and the most difficult to form. You will need to research and find a pattern for the [url=]butterfly wings[/url]. It is best to create the wings in four separate pieces before you attach them to the outfit. The material you choose should be the color of the wings you want. There are some materials out there that you can pattern in a butterfly style by cutting the material correctly.

A lot of butterflies have solid wings with dots on the edges or a single color running through. Once the material is chosen and cut you will need to use the wire to create the strength. The wire should go around the outer rim of the material in the pattern. Make sure you have a little extra material to wrap tightly around the wire and sew together. The wire should be strong enough to hold the wings up without pressure. Once all four pieces are made sew them together at six points; the top two should be sewed together and then each should be sewn to the bottom wings. The bottom wings should also come together.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The leotard is going to be black and used as the body of the butterfly. To the leotard you will need to sew the wings you just created. You can sew the wings directly on the back as the only place they hook together or you can also sew the top of the wings just above the elbows to give more support.

[b]Step3:[/b] The pipe cleaners are going to be used as the antennas on the head. The pipe cleaners should be sewn to an old headband to keep them in place.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and add a layer of thicker material for the colder weather. You can also have gloves on the hand that are black to complete the [url=]butterfly costume[/url].

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